Armed Robber Busted Mid-Dump After Fleeing Crime Scene

The alleged thief was arrested sitting on the toilet after deciding to take a pit stop mid-escape.
Police caught the man using a toilet in a shopping center in Mexico after he allegedly robbed a bus. (Photo via Mexico State Police.)

MEXICO CITY — When you gotta go, you gotta go. But maybe, an exception to the rule should be that if you’re fleeing the scene of a crime, you may want to consider holding it in.

An armed robber was busted while sitting on the toilet after deciding mid-escape to take a pit stop at a local shopping center to take a dump. The man allegedly held up a bus in Mexico and stole eight cell phones using a fake gun before he was arrested, according to a statement released by authorities.


Police said that they received an electronic report of the assault shortly after it took place and were able to track the alleged perpetrator using surveillance cameras in the area. One image released by the police showed the man walking down the street, holding his pants, and maybe appearing to clench his buttocks.

Security footage of man fleeing scene of the alleged crime.

Authorities were able to follow the man’s movements to the Las Americas shopping center in Metepec, Mexico State. They found him sitting on the toilet, with his pants down, and a perplexed look on his face. Police identified him only by his first name and age Sauro, 41, and said that they had three active arrest warrants out for him related to other firearms and robbery charges.

The crime, and the photo of the man sitting on the can, quickly spread on Mexican media, who compared it to one of the country’s most infamous bandits of the early 20th century — The Tiger of Santa Julia.

José de Jesús Negrete Medina was known for his robberies around the Santa Julia neighborhood of Mexico City and his subsequent escape from prison in 1905 where he allegedly murdered two guards, thus earning the nickname the “The Tiger of Santa Julia.” As legend has it, police eventually found him in a house where he was eating with his lover in 1906. He once again escaped, but was quickly overcome with terrible diarrhea and the police caught him shitting outdoors nearby.

The story birthed a popular phrase in Mexico: “Don't get caught like the Tiger of Santa Julia.” It’s used often when referring to someone walking in on you in the bathroom, or catching you in some sort of awkward situation. Such as getting caught with your pants around your ankles in a bathroom stall at a shopping center next to all the evidence proving that you just robbed a bunch of people.