WANTED: Pokémon Historian to Create ‘Pokémon Archive and Museum’

The Pokémon Company says it's creating an "internal museum" to all things Pokémon.
Image: Hannes P. Albert/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Pokémon Company is seeking an archivist and Pokémon nerd to create an “internal The Pokémon Company International Company Archive and Museum,” which is a job in various Pokémon games and is now a job in real life, too.

The archivist will work with the company’s “Game Data Librarian” to “conduct large-scale inventories, write policy, process, catalog, preserve, and other duties that will establish and develop the company’s first internal archive from the ground up.” 

The role speaks to the vastness of Pokémon, its internal lore, and ever-expanding intellectual property. There are currently eight generations of Pokémon, with a ninth coming when Scarlet and Violet come out later this year. There will be roughly 1,000 Pokémon when that game is released. There are dozens of games, thousands of individual Pokémon trading card game cards, hundreds of episodes of the anime, a few movies, etc. Presumably, there’s concept art, demos, storyboards, scripts, toys, and lots of other stuff to keep track of. 

This is all to say that this is probably a very fun, but also very difficult job. The listing notes that the company is planning on creating an “internal physical repository” as well as “digital repositories” for its Pokémon archives, suggesting that the Pokémon Archive and Museum will perhaps be a physical place at the Pokémon Company’s offices. The person will also be expected to create a “descriptive metadata schema” for searching the archives, will be expected to store samples of cards from the TCG, create a security protocol for the museum, and must also help the company acquire relevant artifacts for the museum. 

The job will pay between $77,000 and $118,000.