Conspiracy Theorist Brothers Jailed for Buying Gun to Combat ‘COVID Zombies’

Harry and Ashley Wilson ordered a Glock pistol and ammo from the US using cryptocurrency because they thought vaccines would turn people into "unthinking beings". Instead they were sent a replica firearm that contained a recording device.
Simon Childs
London, GB
November 15, 2021, 4:04pm
​Harry (left) and Ashley Wilson. Photo: NAtional Crime Agency
Harry (left) and Ashley Wilson. Photo: NAtional Crime Agency

Two brothers who believed that COVID vaccinations were part of a conspiracy to turn people into “unthinking beings” have been jailed for trying to buy firearms.

Harry Wilson, 24 from Kendal, northwest England, paid for the Glock pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition using cryptocurrency. The package was intercepted by law enforcement in the US, and the UK’s National Crime Agency arranged for a substitute package to be sent to Wilson’s house. The package contained a replica firearm and a hidden recording device.


In a recording heard by the court, Ashely Wilson, 27, who helped run the family farm with his brother, says, “This is good innit? Order another”, as the package was opened.

The pair wanted to defend themselves in the event of worldwide food shortages, believing that the “elite” wanted to “reset” the economy.

Prosecutor Chloe Fordham said the brothers held “extreme views about there being a conspiracy by the elite to have the general population vaccinated against Covid in order to infect them with a substance which would kill the God particle in humans and turn them into unthinking beings.”

The brothers' barrister, Richard Vardon, described the pair as "immature".

Ashley Wilson was jailed for 24 months and Harry Wilson was jailed for 30 months.