The ‘Matrix Resurrections' Trailer Is Here to Keep Hope Alive

Blue and red pills, Keanu Reeves, Kung Fu, and questions plague the trailer for the fourth Matrix film.
Image: YouTube Screengrab

The trailer for The Matrix Resurrections is here and it has everything you could possibly want from a trailer for a new Matrix movie. Kung Fu, an obvious Morpheus stand-in, slow motion action, red and blue pills, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, and lots of questions.

Neo and Trinity famously died in the last film (spoilers!). How is it they’re back? Neo was a Jesus character and those kinds of characters, famously, come back from the dead. Is that what’s going on here? Why is the Matrix itself still around? Is the war still going on? Did some people decide to remain in simulation?


I desperately want answers to these questions.

More than two decades later, it’s hard to understate the impact The Matrix had on popular culture and the internet. It’s a big budget live action anime-esque film about hackers dismantling a power structure that keeps them happy and distracted. In the 22 years since the original film released, it feels as if we’ve burrowed deeper into ourselves. 

What does a new Matrix film mean in 2022? This is corny as hell, but I hope it brings hope and love—two central themes of the original films. For all its digital wonders, it is the human element that’s made The Matrix and its sequels endure.

Seeing Neo and Trinity hold hands and take a flying leap together fills my heart with more joy than any of the action sequences in the trailer.

The Matrix Resurrections comes to theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day.