Watch This Israeli Cop Prepare to Throw a Stun Grenade At a Crowd of Medics

An Israeli police officer almost throws a stun grenade at a crowd of medics, but appears to change his mind when he realises a VICE News correspondent is filming him.
Watch This Israeli Cop Prepare to Throw a Stun Grenade At a Crowd of Medics
Photo: Hind Hassan / Twitter

Footage shows an Israeli police officer preparing to throw a stun grenade into a crowd of mostly medics and journalists before stopping at the last second.

VICE News correspondent Hind Hassan began filming Israeli police immediately after a stun grenade was used against a group of people next to an ambulance.

The incident took place in Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday, as police fired rubber bullets, tear gas, and stun grenades near al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam.


In the footage filmed close to the Lions’ Gate entrance to the al-Aqsa compound, the police officer is moments away from lobbing the stun grenade before apparently receiving an order not to when it becomes apparent he’s being filmed.

Only journalists, paramedics treating those injured in the violence near al-Aqsa and other civilians were in the area being targeted by stun grenades.

“It wasn’t the first time that something like that was happening and this time he was caught in the act,” Hassan said.

On the same day, separate footage showed the Israeli police assaulting Fayiz Ebu Rumeyle, a journalist working for the Turkish Anadolu Agency. The cameraman was beaten repeatedly by several officers. Anadolu also reported that their photojournalist, Mustafa el Haruf was injured by rubber bullets fired by police during the chaos inside al-Aqsa.