Monthly Horoscope: Libra, May 2021

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Libra!
May 1, 2021, 10:31pm
Taurus and Gemini
Robin Eisenberg

The sun in Taurus illuminates a very sensitive sector of your chart, finding you focused on complicated financial issues like debts, taxes, inheritances, and money you share with your partners. Having conversations about—or even just thinking about—these issues can be difficult and stressful, but an opportunity for a breakthrough concerning these themes may take place as messenger planet Mercury, currently in Taurus, connects with power planet Pluto in Capricorn on May 2. Also on May 2, your ruling planet Venus, currently in Taurus, connects with dreamy Neptune in Pisces, helping you smooth over awkward bumps. A helpful energy flows; people are in a generous mood. 


May 3 is all about balance—and balance is something you’re all about, as the sign of the scales! Mercury clashes with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, which is currently in Aquarius, and the sun clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, which is currently in Capricorn. As Mercury mingles with expansive Jupiter, exciting conversations take place and the mood is optimistic, but you must watch out for exaggerations. The sun’s clash with Saturn may mean obstacles in love and money, but you’ll at least get a good understanding of your limits and other people’s boundaries. Approaching things maturely and responsibly is the best way to go. Be measured, dear Libra. Also on May 3, Mercury enters fellow air sign Gemini, possibly bringing news from abroad, travel plans, or plans concerning school or publishing. 

Your ruling planet Venus makes a harmonious connection with Pluto on May 6, creating a powerful energy for deep emotional bonding. But at this moment it’s equally powerful to bring someone deeper into the fold or let them go and release old wounds. Both of these things could even take place! Why choose? Letting go what’s no longer needed and drawing closer what is, would be a lovely way to work the energy. Venus squares off with Jupiter on May 8, creating an over-the-top, joyous, and flirtatious atmosphere—just watch out for over-indulgence. Also on May 8, Venus enters Gemini, possibly bringing a love letter from afar, or finding you and your partners re-establishing your intellectual connection. 


A new cycle begins with the new moon in Taurus on May 11, which also finds Mars connecting with Uranus: This is a hugely powerful time to pay off debts or reset any issues concerning shared resources, and some dynamic changes and exciting experiments may take place in your career. Mercury and Saturn make a helpful connection on May 12, creating a fantastic energy for discussing plans and commitments regarding topics like your love life, travel, art, or any studies you’re currently interested in. The energy is supportive and things are clicking into place!

The sun and Neptune connect on May 13, creating a sympathetic atmosphere, and Jupiter enters Pisces, finding you expanding your daily routine in some way. Perhaps you’ll take on a new habit or project, start a new job, or remove something from your schedule to open up space in your calendar. Mercury begins its pre-retrogade shadow period on May 14: Take note of the conversations and ideas that spring up from this date until the start of the Mercury retrograde, as they’ll likely be reconsidered and reworked after the retrograde begins.

The sun and Pluto make a harmonious connection on May 17, making it a marvelous time for personal transformation and releasing the past. Your ruling planet Venus connects with Saturn on May 19, inspiring a supportive energy in your love life and your creative pursuits. Venus is all about love and beauty, and Saturn is the planet of commitment—when these two planets are working well together, lovely promises are made, and usually kept!


The sun enters fellow air sign Gemini on May 20: Gemini season is an exciting time of year for you, filled with fun and adventure. Gemini is an inquisitive sign that’s always asking questions, and indeed, you’ll explore many interesting topics this season! The sun squares off with Jupiter on May 21, likely a very busy day—be very careful not to overbook yourself. A flurry of communication is likely to take place, and it’s possible that everything could become very confusing as Mercury and Neptune clash on May 22. Watch out for misunderstandings! Setting limits is an important theme at this time, especially as Saturn retrograde begins on May 23, finding you reflecting on your boundaries and rethinking how you approach your love life and creative endeavors.

A conversation comes to a critical culmination during the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26! During an eclipse, we often learn things that completely alter our point of view, and with this new information, things can’t be the same as they once were. Eclipses are highly emotional periods that often have a fated feeling about them. This is an incredibly powerful time to get something off your chest. Sagittarius is a sign that’s famous for being blunt, while you, dear Libra, are known for your tact. You might be a little more forward than usual at this time, so try to be gentle!

People are sensitive, especially on May 27 as Venus clashes with Neptune. Neptune is the planet of fantasy and confusion, and as it tangles with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and values, people are feeling insecure. The mood is cheerful on May 29 as Mercury and Venus meet, inspiring an upbeat and social atmosphere.

Mercury retrograde begins on May 29, finding you reconnecting with people from the past, and perhaps revisiting a place you’ve been longing to return to. Typically, Mercury retrograde is a complicated time to sign new contracts, travel, make important purchases, or start new projects, but it’s a fine time to pick up a project that was put on the back burner…and to get some rest! Mars connects with Neptune on May 31, inspiring an easygoing, productive energy, especially at work. Despite Mercury retrograde’s communication issues, things still click into place toward the end of the month thanks to action planet Mars’s helpful connection with the planet of transcendence, Neptune.

Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in June!