Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, May 2021

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Scorpio!
May 1, 2021, 10:59pm
Taurus and Gemini
Robin Eisenberg

The sun in Taurus shines brightly on the relationship sector of your chart, making it a fantastic time to connect with others! The energy is especially potent on May 2 when messenger planet Mercury, currently in Taurus, connects with your ruling planet Pluto in Capricorn, finding you and your partners having especially deep conversations. Secrets may be shared! Mercury is the planet of information, and Pluto of hidden things, so this is certainly a juicy moment—and a romantic one, too! That’s because also on this day, Venus in Taurus connects with Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces, making for a whimsical, sweep-you-off-your-feet sort of atmosphere. It’s an easy time to fall in love, or fall deeper in love! The energy is playful and creative; Neptune is the planet of fantasy and Venus of pleasure, so it’s an especially wonderful time!


May 3 is busy as Mercury in Taurus clashes with Jupiter in Aquarius, the sun clashes with Saturn (also in Aquarius), and Mercury enters air sign Gemini. Important shifts are taking place at home and within your relationships, and this is a key moment to be measured in your decision making. Cocky behavior will blow up in your face, so stay humble, little scorpion. Mercury in Gemini finds you and your partners having important conversations about shared resources like money. 

Passion is in the air as Venus connects with your ruling planet Pluto on May 6, finding you and your partners exploring your deepest—or even secret!—desires. Venus squares off with Jupiter on May 8, which is fun, but watch out for over-indulgence. Also on May 8, Venus enters Gemini, which could find your partners sharing a special gift with you. Venus is the planet of love, but also of money and values, themes that will be explored on a deeper level as Venus moves through Gemini.

A new cycle begins in your partnerships on May 11 with the new moon in Taurus: This is a beautiful time for a fresh start; perhaps you’ll meet new partners or reconnect with someone you are already committed to on a deeper level. It’s a period of emotional renewal, but also experimentation as Mars in Cancer connects with rebel Uranus. It’s a thrilling new moon for a game of truth or dare!

Messenger planet Mercury connects with Saturn on May 12, creating a solid, supportive energy for communication, and inspiring conversations take place as the sun connects with Neptune on May 13, the same day lucky Jupiter enters enters fellow water sign Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces brings a powerful, expansive opportunity for you to invite more pleasure, celebration, love, and creativity into your life. You may begin an artistic project that’s deeply meaningful to you. Jupiter in Pisces is also a major boon to your love and sex life—enjoy! 


Mercury begins its pre-retrogade shadow period on May 14: Pay attention to the ideas and conversations that start to pop up, because they’ll likely be reviewed or reworked when Mercury retrograde begins! The sun connects with Pluto on May 17, finding you and your partners having deep conversations about things like purpose, destiny, and drive. You’re feeling very connected to your reason for being—and want to talk about it! It’s a powerful time to plan moves. Venus connects with Saturn on May 19, inspiring a supportive and stabilizing energy, especially in your partnerships. It’s a strong time to set boundaries and discuss standards. 

Gemini season begins on May 20, finding you and your partners exploring financial issues on a deep level. Issues like debts and taxes and approached. This is a great time to get your finances and budget in order. Emotionally, this is also a powerful time to release the past. If you’re holding any grudges, this is an opportunity to release them or gain closure. The sun clashes with Jupiter on May 21, bringing a massive burst of confidence—but watch out for ego clashes and miscommunications as Mercury clashes with Neptune on May 22. Saturn retrograde begins on May 23, finding you reorganizing things at home. You may be moving or renovating, or reconsidering things concerning privacy, boundaries, and security.

An important culmination takes place in a financial situation or regarding security, comfort, or your belongings, with the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. Eclipses are highly emotional periods that often have a fated feeling about them, and you might learn something unexpected and surprising, especially regarding wealth or security.

Venus clashes with Neptune on May 27, finding people in a sensitive mood: Be careful not to act passive aggressively. If what you really want is a hug, don’t turn your back and expect the other person to read your mind! Neptune is the planet of transcendence and intuition but also of confusion and delusion—don’t send mixed messages! If you don’t know what you want, take some time to rest.

A more upbeat and social atmosphere flows as Mercury meets Venus on May 29, which could also bring some intriguing news about money. Mercury retrograde starts on May 29, so watch out for miscommunications and delays: Avoid signing new contracts, traveling, starting new projects, or making important purchases if you can. If you want to pick up a project you previously had to set aside, go for it; Mercury retrograde can be a fine time to revisit the past. You might pay off a long-standing debt at this time or receive something you have been waiting on for quite a while. Mars connects with Neptune on May 31, ending the month on a creative and productive note. A little friendly competition is in the air!

Good luck this month, Scorpio, and see you in June!