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How Much the Super Blue Blood Moon Will Ruin Your Life, Astrologically Speaking

Eclipses are considered times of intense drama and abrupt endings. Will a supermoon eclipse be worse?
Photo by Sergei Krasnoukhov via Getty Images

I’m not sure if you’ve heard from basically every news outlet, and also NASA, but there’s a lunar eclipse happening today. And not just any eclipse: This one is a supermoon, a blue moon, and a lunar eclipse all rolled into one. This moon is a triple threat—but just how threatened should you feel?

Eclipses have long held a dramatic connotation in human society, and were traditionally associated with doom and destruction: “Most people, most of the time, thought eclipses of the sun or the moon were trouble. Serious trouble," E.C. Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, told "And the nature of the trouble had to do with the fact that the foundation of their world seemed to be at risk.” In astrology, these celestial events are still associated with abrupt endings and shocking revelations.


So one can understand the feelings of trepidation and fear many people have expressed ahead of this super eclipse; just as I was writing this piece, a friend texted me, “This Leo lunar eclipse, super, blue moon is gonna be bad, huh?” And it’s not just the spiritually inclined. Early this morning, I overheard two bros outside my apartment deep in discussion: “Yeah, man, it’s gonna be a super moon, and a blue moon,” one proclaimed. “Shit’s about to go down.”

Is it, though? Scientifically, not really—the moon will turn red, as it does during all lunar eclipses, which is chill. It’s true that eclipses are a big deal in magic and astrology, and this particular convergence of events—blue moon, supermoon, lunar eclipse—hasn’t been seen in 150 years. But there’s no special mystical significance to most of these things: A supermoon occurs when the moon is at or near its closest point to Earth during its elliptic orbit, which is about four to six times a year; a blue moon simply refers to when two full moons take place in a single month; and lunar eclipses happen twice a year. (As for "blood moon," a term that's popped up quite a bit, that just refers to the aforementioned reddish tint the moon takes on when it's in the Earth's shadow.)

“While some people notice more intense lunar energy during a full supermoon, they don’t carry much inherent significance in any occult sense,” says Melissa Madara, a witch and co-owner of the Brooklyn-based occult store Catland Books. And, while eclipses do carry much magical meaning, the frequency of supermoons makes them astrologically boring. “Supermoons are not even a statistical rarity,” Madara adds. “Of the 12 to 13 full moons we have during the year, roughly a quarter of them will be supermoons. It’s really not a rare or scary phenomenon at all.”

With that said, eclipses are generally considered moments of intense drama by those the occult community. “Eclipses remove things that are no longer working—power structures, relationships, projects—for the purpose of putting us on our correct path,” explains Annabel Gat, Broadly’s resident astrologer. “Eclipses reveal things to us that we previously couldn't see. Secrets are often revealed, and there is no going back to ‘before’… Managing these new insights and dealing with the ends they often bring can lead to major drama.”

Making things all the more exciting, this one is occurring in Leo, the most attention-loving sign. “An eclipse in Leo, like we’re seeing today, definitely brings a little extra intensity and drama to the party,” says Madara. “Which makes sense, since Leos are always extra.”

Drama isn’t always a bad thing, of course—there would be no Vanderpump Rules without it—and some painful endings are necessary to allow for growth. During this eclipse, there are some important questions we should be asking ourselves, says Gat: “Do we really want things in our lives that aren’t working for us?” This is a good time for exploring themes around boundaries and control in our lives, and to figure out if we’re truly on the right path. And as for whatever shocking secrets we might learn, there’s no need to be scared. “Isn't it better to know the truth?” she asks.