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Ukiyo and FEELDS' New Track Is a Warning Against Getting Too Comfortable

The pair talk about what happens when love gets stale on their new track “Something Like This.”
Photo Courtesy of Ukiyo

If there’s one thing that 2017 taught us, it’s that every song needs more flute. So when you here one come on during the hook of Ukiyo’s “Something Like This” you’re relieved that we learned at least a couple things from the past 12 months. Today we’re premiering the track, featuring FEELDS (aka James Seymour) on vocals.

Ukiyo started out as a self-taught pianist and began his first real leaps into electronic music last year after experimenting with the genre through a collection of keyboards and speakers he found while searching through garbage. Despite this phase of his career beginning in the trash, his music can be described as anything but. “Something Like This” builds upon his terrific output from last year and firmly cements the artist otherwise known as Timothy Arnott as one of the most capable and forward-thinking acts to keep an eye on.

You can very much hear the chemistry between the two artists on the song, a chilled out warning about getting too comfortable in a relationship. And from what they say about each other it sounds like they had a blast making it. Ukiyo says, “We first met at a show we were both playing in Melbourne. That voice! Those harmonies!! I’m always looking for people that bring something special and unique to a track and James’ amazing presence and writing in his own acoustic stuff really blew me away.” Looking forward to more from both of them, together and solo, in the future.

Stream “Something Like This” below.