Watch This Dude Turn a Roll of Aluminum Foil Into a Razor-Sharp Knife

The internet is full of treasure.
March 28, 2018, 6:00pm
Screengrab via YouTube

When I was growing up, one of the pinnacles of eating at a “fancy”-with-air-quotes restaurant—the kind that didn’t have a ketchup dispenser or a laminated kid’s menus—was when my leftovers were returned to the table in a piece of aluminum foil that had been sculpted into the shape of a swan. I assumed that to-go swans were the absolute pinnacle of aluminum foil craft, but man oh man, was I ever wrong.

The Kiwami Japan YouTube channel recently posted an impressive 11-minute video in which the host turned a roll of aluminum foil into a knife that looks sharp enough to slice any restaurant’s steaks (or to earn yourself an episode of a murder podcast). Although the video has since appeared on survivalist websites, the process looks too labor-intensive to complete while zombies are chewing away at your window frames: the knifemaker had to repeatedly hammer the roll of foil and heat it over the burner on his stove before even starting to shape it into something vaguely knifelike.

The end result is insane, and probably not something that you should attempt in your own kitchen—assuming that you could. (“[H]onestly who has multiple diamond whetstones and heavy knife-making machinery just lying around their house?” Mashable asks in what is 100% RHETORICAL QUESTION PLEASE DON’T @ US).

The host and head-knifemaker on the Kiwami Japan channel is either the world’s most extraordinary hobbyist or its wiliest supervillain—or both. In some of his previous videos, he’s turned pieces of chocolate, packages of pasta and a piece of Katsuobushi (a dried, fermented tuna) into knives.

He’s also your go-to source for DIY medieval weaponry, latte art, and how to bowl when you’ve put your own arm in a cast.

Still no swans, though.