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Of Course Donald Glover's Mock 'Deadpool' Script Is Amazing

"Do you think they canceled the show... cause of racism?!" Deadpool thinks to himself.
Glover photo by Robby Klein/Getty Images. Deadpool cartoon image by Disney XD via Getty Images

Last week, FX announced that Donald Glover's upcoming Deadpool cartoon—the first major project announced on the heels of the actor's overall deal at FX—was, well, dead. The network cited "creative differences" between the network, Marvel, and Glover's camp as the reason for the show's demise, but seeing as how Glover is single-handedly responsible for roughly 60 percent of the world's quality creative endeavors lately, Variety speculated that the guy was just a little too swamped to take on the Deadpool project right now.


But on Wednesday morning, Glover took to Twitter to set things straight.

Then, he decided to air out his apparent grievances about the newly canceled show in the most Donald Glover-y way imaginable—by posting a 14-page mock draft of the Deadpool finale starring the superhero as he ruminates over why, exactly, the animated series got canned.

"Do you think they canceled the show… cause of racism?!" Deadpool asks. "Yeah, but all the writers were black. And the references were pretty black too… Maybe we were alienating our white audience? No. We did a whole goat yoga episode. Damn. What was it?"

Of course, this is Donald Glover we're talking about, so the thing is more than just a few parting jabs at Marvel. The dense script is also crammed full of zingers about Sudan the white rhino, Bitcoin nerds, Facebook's shadowy dealings, armed teachers, and the ongoing mystery of who exactly bit Beyoncé at that party.

Sure, the whole thing is one big meta-joke, but it still gives us a tiny taste of how incredible the Deadpool cartoon could've been if, uh, everyone's creativity wasn't so different or whatever. But worry not, Donald Glover will probably drop another ten brilliant projects soon that will make us forget all about Deadpool, since he's nowhere near "too busy" yet.

Until then, read the full script via Glover's Twitter below.