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Nova Scotia Is Getting Stoned More Than Any Other Province

Not the home of the ‘Trailer Park Boys’!

Nova Scotians consume the most cannabis per capita out of all Canadian provinces, according to newly released data from the country's government statistics agency. The Maritime province, best known as the setting of the Trailer Park Boys and kitchen parties, beat out British Columbia by several grams per capita, with an average of 27.1 grams of cannabis used per person last year.

That’s roughly between 27 and 85 joints per year per person, depending on the size of the j.


Canadians overall on average are consuming 21.1 grams per capita annually, according to Statistics Canada.

Ontario, home to the largest city in the country, came in fourth per capita behind Alberta with an average of 21 grams. Nunavut ranked lowest for cannabis consumption per capita.

Residents of BC, which has long been known for its cannabis industry, came in second for use per capita, consuming 24.6 grams on average in 2017. Even though its inhabitants’ personal use may not top the charts, British Columbia produced the most cannabis products last year out of all provinces. BC’s cannabis industry accounted for 36.6 percent of total production in Canada in 2017.

Since cannabis is not yet legal in Canada—though it will be later this year—the government’s statistics agency is releasing “experimental historical data in advance.” The agency cautions that this data comes via infrequently collected surveys that lack some details.

Congratulations to Nova Scotia on their historic victory over BC.