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A$AP Rocky's Trippy "A$AP Forever" Video Pays Homage to Moby

The just-released clip is a creative, extremely 90s visual feast that nods to the original "Porcelain" video.

"A$AP Rocky feat. Moby" is a patently insane song credit that seems pulled from my most feverish dreams, but Rocky is the Dreamweaver of rap (he'll probably sample that song next) so he made it real today. "A$AP Forever" makes sense, as the balmy haze of that "Porcelain" sample fits Rocky's druggy cool. The new video for the song is also late 90s as hell, with creative editing flipping the ground that Rocky and pals around and traveling through multiple scenes seamlessly, kinda like Korn's classic "Freak on a Leash" video. Inevitably, the clip does a full-on homage to the original "Porcelain" video, zooming on Rocky's eye as the unaltered sample enters and the rapper falls into the sunken place (I think). It's weird and cool. Watch the "A$AP Forever" video above.


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