Watch Clairmont The Second's Ultra-Abstract Mini-Documentary 'Short Talk'

One of Toronto's most exciting rappers combines music video, concert footage, and monologues into one compelling package.
March 20, 2018, 3:00pm

Clairmont The Second was already one of Toronto's more ambitious rappers, and his recent Juno nomination cements his artistic rise. He's also the subject of a 7-minute documentary called Short Talk that explores Clairmont's creative process in an unorthodox but fun manner. Directed by local production company Alfredo Films, the doc is a dreamlike head trip that floats from Clairmont breaking down his work ethic to concert footage shot in the split-screen style of Woodstock. Perhaps the highlight is when an interview suddenly, magically becomes a full-fledged music video, Clairmont rapping faster-than-light.


“Our process while working with Clairmont was very organic," say Alfredo Films in a statement. "Since the beginning of the project our goal was to reflect his distinctive, creative style throughout the doc. The choice to switch between different visual mediums helped define Clairmont's playful personality as well as his approach to art.” Short Talk is probably the least boring artist profile you'll watch this year, so give it a watch above.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.