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Watch the Trailer for James Van Der Beek's 'What Would Diplo Do?'

Our new SBS VICELAND series stars Dawson playing the DJ you love to hate.

Catch 'What Would Diplo Do' on SBS VICELAND Tuesdays at 8:30pm and on SBS On-Demand. SBS VICELAND's brand new scripted TV series takes you globetrotting with Diplo—or at least a fictionalised version of him played by James Van Der Beek, otherwise known as Dawson, otherwise known as a walking meme.

In What Would Diplo Do? Van Der Beek plays the Mad Decent producer, model, and DJ who has no problem bringing thousands of concertgoers to their feet, but has a hard time working with people one-on-one. In the first trailer for the series, we see the entertainer throw a violin in a blender in search of "new sounds," running naked from a hotel room, sword-fighting onstage, and butting heads with his entourage. A standard Diplo day.

Check out the trailer above and make sure to tune in to SBS VICELAND next Tuesday August 8 at 8:30PM.

And remember: there's no "I" in "team," but there is an "I" in "Diplo."