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North Korea

Trump Says He's Planning 'Very Severe Things' to Punish North Korea

Kim Jong Un says he has a missile that can reach the United States.
Photo by Associated Press

This article originally appeared on VICE News.

US President Donald Trump warned North Korea Thursday that he is considering a "pretty severe" response to the hermit kingdom's long-range missile test.

Speaking at a press conference in Warsaw, Trump addressed Pyongyang's first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile earlier Tuesday, saying he was preparing some "very severe things." He didn't elaborate, and many experts say that all options available are relatively unpalatable.

Despite the ICBM's short flight, the test has been seen as a marked military escalation because the missile used reportedly has the capacity to reach Alaska. Kim Jong Un taunted his foes after the launch, which took place on the US Independence Day holiday of July Fourth, calling it a gift for "American bastards."

The US president said North Korea had behaved in a "very, very dangerous manner" and he called on all nations "to confront this global threat and publicly demonstrate to North Korea that there are consequences for their very, very bad behavior."

Despite this latest provocation, there's not likely to be any significant change in the White House's approach to North Korea in the short term. Trump has said he wants to look at what happens in the coming weeks and months before deciding on a new course of action.