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You Can Now Watch Prince's Videos on YouTube, Which He Would Have Hated

Great music, not-so-great distribution practices.

Prince was not a big fan of YouTube, removing all his music from the site under the auspices of unfair rates and the need for control of his own work. Given that that hold has been relinquished in the wake of his death last year, it only makes sense that we'd eventually see at least some of those videos reappear online. Sure enough, what looks like an official account has uploaded the original videos for "Let's Go Crazy" and "When Doves Cry," along with concert footage of other Purple Rain classics.


If you haven't seen these videos already, you definitely should and you very definitely should also enjoy yourself as you do. You should also also think at least a little bit about ethics and what it means for your work to live on after death, and whether your living intent means anything at all when put up against the capitalist excavation of art. Anyways, these are much more complex thoughts for another time. You can watch the videos here if you want.