Quiz: Is This an Indie Rock Band or an Obscure Movie Coming to Disney+?

Someone definitely saw Iron Will play 285 Kent in 2013.
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The days of just having Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go as the only streaming services are long gone. Now that there are more than 300 over-the-top video options available in the United States, "subscription fatigue" is a real thing, and new services from HBO (HBO Max), Apple (Apple TV+), and NBC (Peacock) are all set to join the already crowded field. Another big player on the horizon is Disney's forthcoming Disney+ site, which arrives on November 12. It promises to be the exclusive home for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pixar films, the entire Star Wars franchise, and even The Simpsons. But as its full library announcement this week proved, Disney+ will also have a lot of other things… like weird, long-forgotten movies from the Disney archives.


Surely, fans of Disney classics like Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will remember the 1978 film The Shaggy D.A., which is about a lawyer who "keeps turning into a large, talking sheepdog at the worst possible moments." What about 1971's Million Dollar Duck, which was a feature-length exploration of what happens when a goose (or in this case, a duck) literally lays golden eggs? All these films and dozens just as bizarre are arriving to Disney+ on November 12. But because these movies are under-viewed and mostly lost to history, film titles like Bedknobs and Broomsticks end up sounding more like bands signed to Exploding In Sound than [checks notes] films about a jaunty, flying bed that helps children fight Nazis.

To make all of this even more confusing, we've made a quiz to test your knowledge: Is this phrase the name of an indie band, or a weird Disney movie?

Try it out below. Only true DIY kids and Disney freaks will get the full 20 out of 20.

1. Fuzzbucket

2. Shady Bug

3. Guerilla Toss

4. Candleshoe

5. The Biscuit Eater

6. The Spirit of the Beehive

7. Gus

8. Big Thief

9. Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else

10. Justin Morgan Had A Horse

11. Darby O'Gill and the Little People

12. Pom Pom Squad

13. The Apple Dumpling Gang

14. Mr. Twin Sister

15. Mr. Boogedy

16. Tropical Fuck Storm

17. Unidentified Flying Oddball

18. Greyfriars Bobby

19. Allo Darlin'

20. Those Calloways


1. Disney movie.


2. Indie band.

3. Indie band.

4. Disney movie.

5. Disney movie.

6. Indie band.

7. Disney movie.

8. Indie band.

9. Indie band.

10. Disney movie.

11. Disney movie.

12. Indie band.

13. Disney movie.

14. Indie band.

15. Disney movie.

16. Disney movie (kidding).

17. Disney movie.

18. Disney movie.

19. Indie band.

20. Disney movie.