This Lost Airpod Sticker Prank Is So Chaotic

Pablo Rochat's latest design prank is peppering the streets of San Francisco with Airpods that are impossible to pick up.
Pablo Rochat's lost Airpod sticker.
Image courtesy Pablo Rochat

From the man who brought us dick drawing-based Instagram trolls of Burger King and the ability to piss into the Grand Canyon in VR comes a new, highly chaotic prank: life-sized AirPod stickers, placed carefully on the sidewalks of downtown San Francisco.

SF-based designer Pablo Rochat told Motherboard that he was inspired to make the stickers, which look identical to lost, lonely Airpods, after seeing the real thing in the ears of everyone around him. He recently bought a pair, too, and discovered "they're tiny, awkward objects."


"It's a valuable enough object to make people want to pick it up off the ground," Rochat said, but that the stunt fits with his other design pranks: "Dumb and simple—low effort, high impact."

Rochat said he's placed around 15 stickers so far, and sometimes sticks around to watch people's reactions. He would place the sticker and casually walk away to observe as his marks bent down to pick it up.

"Some people were angry, I think they saw me smiling in the distance," he said.

The Airpod sticker designs are available for download on his website, so you can sow chaos as well.