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This Guy Cleaned Up a Trashed National Park Bathroom and Sent Trump a Bill

He invoiced the president for $28.
Mt. Hood National Forest Sno-Park bathroom
Images via Governor Kate Brown's Twitter

The government shutdown has left around 800,000 federal workers without income for weeks and has inspired unpaid TSA agents to start bumping Travis Scott over airport loudspeakers, but one of the places hit hardest by the shutdown are America's national parks. With no employees around, visitors are just doing whatever the fuck they want, destroying wildlife and dropping deuces on the roadways and wreaking havoc that will take years to repair.


But apparently, one noble man in Oregon got fed up waiting for Trump to end the government shutdown and get park employees back to work, so he decided to step up and take matters into his own hands—by cleaning up a national park bathroom himself and sending Trump an invoice for his work.

The man, Dan Little, is the husband of Oregon Governor Kate Brown, and Brown shared the story of Little's clean-up on her official Twitter.

"This is just one of the many reasons I love my husband, Dan," Brown wrote last Friday. "He visited Mt. Hood National Forest Sno-Park, and like many national parks across the country, found it a mess due to the partial government shutdown. He cleaned the bathrooms—and sent the bill to President Trump."

Brown tweeted a photo of the invoice Little sent to Trump, charging the president $28 for "trash removal." From the look of the before and after photos of the bathroom, though, Trump's getting a pretty great bargain—that place was royally fucked up before Little came along. It's unclear whether Trump has received the invoice and cut the check yet, though.

Regardless, thank you for your service, Dan. America may be an increasingly dark and depressing place, but the country's national parks are one of the last bastions of goodness left out there. They desperately need more people like you.

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