What To Give Your Best Friends from the Group Chat

Your friends got you through the trash year that was 2018. Now's the time to show them some appreciation.
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How would we have gotten through 2018 without the love, support, and comfort of our friends? Group chats have evolved from AOL Instant message accounts into sacred text message cliques where dialogue between friends can happen unabashedly, free from judgment or persecution. And these friends, if no one else, probably deserve a little something this holiday season. Here's what we have in mind.

bite beauty agave trio

Bite Beauty Agave Treat Trio

Bite Beauty is known for their bold lipstick pigments but they're also known for hydrating products. For the group chat friend who isn't crazy about makeup but does like to stay moisturized, this is a thoughtful, semi-glam stocking stuffer.

molton brown gel set

Photo courtesy of Olivela


Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gel Set

Your friend has champagne taste with a quarter-water budget. That's cool. Gift them this luxurious bath gel set from British brand, Molton Brown. There are four floral-based scents in here, at least one of which they're bound to love.

anti romance hoodie

Photo courtesy of Havva

Havva 'Anti-Romance' Hoodie

When your friend broke up with their partner, you all broke up with their partner. That's how friendship works. Remind your pal that moving on while looking cute is imperative to the healing process with this "Anti-Romance" hoodie. Havva Mustafa, the young designer behind this brand, is known for her shoes—so you may want to look around the site for your own personal present.

brunch with bae candle

Photo courtesy of Vela Bougie

Vela Bougie 'Brunch with BAE' Candle

Literally, candles are the most awesome thing ever. They're obviously warm, but also set a cozy mood and, if you're lucky, have a great scent. For your favorite group chat buddy, keep the theme of friendship going with this "Brunch with BAE" candle from black-owned brand, Vela Bougie.

vertical bodysuit

Photo courtesy of Vertical

Vertical Activewear Bodysuit

Been trying to nail down a work out session with your friend and they keep bailing? Entice your flakey group chat friend with this jumpsuit from Vertical. Yes, it has a built-in bra and breathable fabric, but it's also totally appropriate for a post-workout mimosa brunch.

hum collagen pop

HUM Nutrition Collagen Pop Set

Getting "old" was the day she started meal prepping and found one strand of grey hair, even though she's 26. We get it, your friend is worried about aging. Tell her to chill and pop a dissolvable collagen booster from HUM Nutrition that promises to lock in the skin's moisture to improve its long-term elasticity.

crwn magazine


A sure-fire sign of adulting is having a beautiful coffee table book or magazine. CRWNMAG makes this an easy gift find with their matte-finished book all about hair culture, Black beauty, and love. Brace yourself for 156 pages worth of stunning content.

beyonce fingers up mug

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Beyoncé 'Fingers Up' Mug

For the obvious reasons, you need to buy anyone you love or care about in any way a Beyoncé "Fingers Up" mug. The only problem with this gift is settling between this, and the many other Bey-approved items on her e-commerce page.


Photo courtesy of The Wolf Gang

The Wolf Gang Bedouin Clutch

Honestly, we'd reserve a pricier gift like this for a best friend or sister. But if someone in your group chat has really helped you get through 2018, it's okay break the bank a little. This stunning clutch is from Aussie-brand, The Wolf Gang, and is made of raw-cut suede and is big enough to fit the essentials (i.e. phone, keys, wallet).

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