This Is the Guinness and Meat Tour of London

This Is the Guinness and Meat Tour of London

Fresh from nose-to-tail eating palace St. John, Lee Tiernan took us on a boozy and carnivorous ‘Chef’s Night Out.’

Lee Tiernan is the kind of guy you want to go drinking with.

The London chef heads up Black Axe Mangal, a heavy metal Turkish barbecue joint where KISS portraits adorn the wood-burning oven and whiskey shots are basically obligatory.

Back when we joined Lee for a Chef's Night Out in 2013, he was head chef at Fergus Henderson's iconic nose-to-tail restaurant, St. John Bread and Wine. The night started, appropriately, with red wine and bone marrow chez Fergus and St. John co-founder Trevor Gulliver. From there, things got even meatier, when Lee took us for a mixed grill at his favourite Tooting curry house. Guinness and shots at Shoreditch pub The Golden Heart followed, plus a stop-off at the 24-hour Beigel Bake on Brick Lane for oven-fresh bagels.


WATCH: Chef's Night Out: Lee Tiernan

Tiernan, and a bunch of other drunk chefs, kindly contributed to our new cookbook MUNCHIES: Late-Night Meals from the World's Best Chefs, a compendium of recipes for late-night food and early morning fixes from some of our most trusted allies in the restaurant industry. Tiernan's contribution was a beef heart bagel sandwich—the perfect ode to meaty cooking and all-hours bagel shops.

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Watch the episode, order the book, and enjoy.