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You Can Play the Sequel to 'Words With Friends' Right Now

It's been a whopping eight years since the heir to 'Scrabble' showed up.
Image courtesy of Zynga

For some people, Words With Friends was a brief affair, one of the early but meaningful ways to play a game on a smartphone. For others, it's become a daily ritual, which is why the natural successor to Scrabble has continued to be so popular, nearly a decade later. It's also why it's no surprise Zynga decided a sequel was in order, which launched today on the Apple and Google app stores.

Words With Friends 2 isn't a radical departure from the formula, but includes the ability to play against an AI when your friends aren't available (or you need a new challenge), a fast-paced team mode called lightning round, and an expanded social dictionary, which vastly increases the selection of words playable in the game.

As with the original game, it doesn't cost any money to start playing.

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