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Father John Misty Has Condemned Music Blogging

Noisey welcomes your prayers at this difficult time.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

We are awash with grief. Via the medium of a now-deleted Facebook post, Father John Misty—our North star, our raison d'être—has condemned our noble art of music blogging. We are doing OK, all things considered. Here is what he said:

Unnecessary as this may be, it's come to my attention that my music has been adopted by a certain online faction that has seen fit to interpret and present it via its own ideological prejudices.


I mean, it certainly seems like Father John Misty, a reportedly avid reader of music blogs, is simply reacting to the news of the day—that is, that Taylor Swift threatened a small music blog with legal action because they compared her with Hitler. I too love topical humour, FJM.

Though I am in no way affiliated with this group and have made numerous attempts to distance myself from its rhetoric and agenda I still feel the need to roundly denounce it, so with the help of my legal team and much prayer, here goes: music blogging is and always has been entirely unacceptable in a civic society—as is anyone who claims to be a music blogger or associates with music blogging.

The exploding galaxy brain of owns. Taylor targets one blog. FJM targets blogging. Reeling. Undone. Aghast (however: "much prayer"—lmfao v good, Josh).

Music blogging's very foundation is inequality—pathologically bent on sustaining the supremacy of one class of music over another based solely on its immutable traits. It is unwelcome here. Thank you all very much.

Huh. Damn. I mean we're all upset here, but I wonder. Does FJM have a point? The concept of canon, after all, is inherently patriarchal, and based on the same arbitrary value judgements to which music blogging—with its endorsement of "buzz" and "hype"—adheres. I feel adrift. Father John Misty has unmoored me. The human embodiment of "made u think" has done his worst. He has made me think. See a screengrab of the original post here.

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