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Killer Mike Raps About Mass Incarceration and Retirement on 'South Park'

"For the crime of being old / They threw me in this nursing home."
Photo by Jim Bennett for FilmMagic

Killer Mike might be one of America's loudest, most rational political voices. But if you've assumed that the Run the Jewels co-frontman takes himself too seriously his appearance on a recent episode of South Park (which has been remarkably rap-oriented this season) should correct that notion. Parodying the USA's systemic issues with mass incarceration, Mike raps from the perspective of an unseen but mad-as-hell senior citizen staying in the show's Shady Acres Retirement Community. "They got me locked up in here, to throw away they troubles / All that I have now are my little German Hummels," Mike spits, with as much conviction as he does on RTJ's anti-government screeds.


The idea of old people rapping with the passion of Chuck D is indeed pretty funny. But the prison-industrial complex that benefits mainly from incarcerating members of marginalized groups is still definitely a thing that exists and does harm on a daily basis, so it's not as though making light of it is an immediate solution. You could also argue that it's more productive to laugh than to despair, though, so watch Killer Mike's senior raps below.

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