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A Japanese Company’s Prank Knives Were Just Regular Knives

What could go wrong?
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
September 5, 2018, 7:20pm
Photos via YouTube. 

A Japanese company is pulling their totally-fun-not-real- knives that were originally created so that you could trick your friends into thinking you cut off your finger because they were totally-real-not-fun knives that could straight up cut off your finger.

Good stuff!

We’ve all seen these kinds of prank knives. They’re the ones you come across in a dollar store or that god forsaken section of your local grocery store that goes full Halloween. This particular variety of the prank knife looks like a utility knife but the blade is dull and they have a notch made for your finger. For what it’s worth they do look pretty real when you have them on your finger.

Photos via YouTube.

I mean, if that picture had blood I’d squirm a bit.

The knives, which were called Dokkiri Cutters were sold by the Japanese discount household items chain, Daiso. The thing is, Daiso also sells actual utility knives to their customers. Now that would be fine and dandy as long as they stayed separate but—and you know where this was going—they didn’t.

Some of the actual utility knives got sold as prank utility knives which, and go with me here, is not very good. Only bad things can happen when you think you’re using a prank knife but are brandishing a real one.

So, according to the Asahi Shimbun and Japan Today, a customer in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward picked up themselves a fake utility knife but noticed (before slicing through their finger) that the metal blade was sharp, not dull, and the whole notch to fit around your finger was missing. They brought this back to the store and, turns out, there were more packages with real knives which is not very good.

Daiso has since stopped selling the Dokkiri Cutters in the roughly 3,000 stores they have across the country. Apparently, no major injuries have been reported as of yet but if I had cut off one of my fingers with something I thought was a “prank knife” I probably wouldn't report it.

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