Jay Gruden All But Set Up Terrelle Pryor: "I Told Everybody Not to Fight You"

The New York Jets wideout was practicing with his old Washington team, and Gruden's message seems to have backfired.
August 14, 2018, 6:46pm
Photo by Geoff Burke—USA TODAY Sports

Did you ever have to have that class meeting about not picking on that one kid? The kid who got bullied too much? Even if you weren't the one bullying, you know what I mean. And you remember how the teacher told you all to stop it? Do you think that ultimately helped?

In the case of New York Jets wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, his reunion with his old teammates from Washington wasn't going great. The two teams got together for three days of joint practices, and tensions boiled over—even on the first day—culminating today with some supreme shit-talking directed at Pryor.

It seems Pryor was sufficiently rattled by D.J. Swearinger roasting him and screaming about how he's not going to get any respect from them because as the two approached each other—Pryor helmeted—Swearinger faked like he was going to swing at the Jets wideout and, well, Pryor flinch real hard.


This was foreshadowed way back in June, when Washington linebacker Zach Brown said, "the boys are going to have it out for" Pryor according to NBC Sports Washington. The whole thing stems from Pryor rubbing the defense the wrong way last year, after nabbing highlight reel one-handed catches and showboating during drills where defenders were not allowed to hit him.

"The boys were already hot for what he was doing last year," Brown said. "Try to one-hand something while you’re with the Jets, you’re gonna catch a forearm."

Well, to compound things, Washington coach Jay Gruden apparently tried to prevent the worst from happening and unwittingly all but guaranteed the worst would happen. Here's a clip of Gruden telling Pryor that he asked his players not to fight him—like that would help:

Yeah, asking people not to fight is only going to stoke the fire, Jay. Thankfully, this is the last day of their joint practice. Keep an eye out on Thursday, though, when these two go head-to-head in a preseason game. I'm guessing Washington won't handle this with the same kind of "light" defense.

As for Pryor? When asked about his time in Richmond this week he said "I'm ready to get the fuck out of here."