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Brace Yourself for This Screamo Split Between Frail Hands and Ghost Spirit

The LA and Nova Scotia-based hardcore bands team up for 12 crushing songs.
Left: Ghost Spirit / Right: Frail Hands

Ghost Spirit and Frail Hands put together a transcontinental split LP that sees the two hardcore bands trying to outdo each other. After six songs of LA’s Ghost Spirit putting an urgent and sometimes noodly spin on screamo, Nova Scotia’s Frail Hands kick in with half a dozen of their own rippers that sound even more dire.

Most of Frail Hands’ songs barely crack the minute mark but somehow feel like devastating epics. Where Ghost Spirit occasionally allow themselves some breathing room, like on their drawn-out closer, “In Parting," Frail Hands suck all the air out, compressing everything into a singular, frantic punch. There’s really no point in pitting the two sides of this record against each other, though. Both bands are at their bests here and complement each other well, comprising one of the strongest hardcore releases in a year chock full of them.

The record is out on August 24 via Twelve Gauge and Blue Swan Records. You can pre-order it from Deathwish right here. Listen to the whole thing below.