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Afghanistan doesn't foresee a pause in fighting anytime soon

ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on the presidential palace while Ghani was delivering Eid prayers

Any lingering hopes of a pause in the fighting in Afghanistan went up in flames last week, when central Kabul was rocked by explosions right next to the diplomatic compound that houses the U.S. Embassy. And things look likely to get worse before they get better.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the brazen, high-profile attack that came on the first day of Eid, just as President Ashraf Ghani was making a speech on live TV.

Just days earlier, Ghani was offering a ceasefire to the Taliban. But as rockets landed in the background, he said it wouldn't stop the people of Afghanistan from developing.

Russia has since postponed peace talks in Moscow involving the Taliban at the request of Afghan officials after Ghani said his government needs more time to develop its position on the talks.

Meanwhile, the security situation shows no sign of improving, and a potential ceasefire is getting more and more unlikely.

VICE News was on the streets shortly after the attack began.