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Daily Horoscope: August 28, 2018

The Moon enters Aries today.
illustrated by Lili Emtiaz

Mercury and Jupiter clash at 1:31 AM, bringing plenty of exciting conversations our way—but watch out for exaggerations. The Moon connects with Mars at 9:54 AM and boosts our energy, before entering fiery Aries at 12:35 PM to get us all feeling confident! Look out for obstacles at 5:37 PM, when the Moon clashes with Saturn—it's time to be a grown-up.

All Times EST.


Your ruling planet Mercury clashes with Jupiter, bringing big news this morning. Your focus shifts to issues concerning intimacy as the Moon enters Aries this afternoon. Asking for what you want feels difficult early this evening as the Moon squares off with Saturn.



Lots of chatter about money and values arises this morning. Your focus turns to your relationships this afternoon when the Moon enters your opposite sign, Aries. Tension arrives in your relationships early this evening—you’ll learn whether the people you’re partnering with are immature or not.


Big shifts are taking place at work or around your popularity this morning. You’re in an energetic mood when the Moon enters fiery Aries this afternoon, but communication issues come up early this evening. Scheduling difficulties are also in the air, so keep things flexible.


Mercury clashes with your ruling planet Jupiter, bringing big news this morning. The Moon enters fellow fire sign Aries today, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules fun and creativity! Just watch out for obstacles around these themes early this evening when the Moon clashes with Saturn to create a serious mood.


Your social life is especially busy this morning, but the energy shifts this afternoon as the Moon enters Aries and lights up the sector of your chart that rules your home and family life. It’s crucial that you get clear on your boundaries today and make your needs known.


The Moon enters fiery Aries this afternoon, lighting up the communication sector of your chart—but watch out for misunderstands early this evening. You may feel like your intuition is being blocked, so slow down and reconnect with your inner voice through rest or meditation.



Exciting plans are made this morning. The Moon enters Aries this afternoon, illuminating the financial sector of your chart. It’s important that you're wise about what you invest in today (energetically and financially), and be especially smart about how you spend your money this evening.


The Moon enters your sign today, Aries! Make time to pamper yourself, but don’t forget to get your work done—the Moon clashes with Saturn early this evening, demanding that you be responsible.


It’s a busy and exciting morning, but you'll have to slow down this afternoon, Taurus! The Moon enters fire sign Aries and you need a nap. Don’t be a know-it-all this evening—it won’t do you any good.


Juicy information arrives this morning. Excitement is in the air today as the Moon enters Aries and ignites the social sector of your chart! That said, early this evening, you'll need to get serious about an issue that’s been weighing on you emotionally—do the grown-up thing, and you can’t go wrong.


Big conversations about money arrive early today. Your focus turns to your career this afternoon as the Moon enters fiery Aries, but some obstacles in your relationships are finding you questioning what direction you want to go.


It’s a busy morning for communication. The Moon enters fellow fire sign Aries this afternoon, inspiring you to go on an adventure and learn something new! Just be careful not to get disenchanted on your journey early this evening when obstacles around scheduling, or some other details, come up. What's in the stars for you in August? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.