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Nathan Fillion's 'Uncharted' Fan Film Proves He’s the Best Choice to Play Nathan Drake

Fillion made an ‘Uncharted’ short film and it’s the best live action version of Nathan Drake we’re ever going to see.

Uncharted games are great. Nathan Drake is a loveable rogue who talks, fights, and shoots his way out of trouble. There’s always a treasure, interpersonal drama, and criminal bad guys overcome by a supernatural threat in the third act. They’re also incredibly cinematic and should lend themselves to easy big-screen adaptation. Despite Hollywood’s enthusiasm, it’s never been able to get the project off the ground.


While the big studios were dragging their heels, Nathan Fillion, an actor you might know from a little show called Firefly, went ahead and just made a damn Uncharted fan film starring himself as Nathan Drake, and it’s excellent. Short of Nolan North—Drake’s video game voice actor—no other actor could capture the easy charm, glib grace, and lucky action of Drake, save a young Harrison Ford. But we’ve already seen those movies.

The fifteen minute film was written and directed by Allan Ungar, and there’s no promise it’ll lead to anything bigger. Thomas Jane made an excellent Punisher fan film that led nowhere. Ryan Reynolds leaked test footage of Deadpool and got to make two of the highest grossing R rated films of all time. In the year of our lord 2018, anything is possible.