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Detroit Tigers Concessions Worker Seen Spitting on Food

The Comerica Park food services employee was filmed spitting on pizza crust before covering it with sauce. He is in police custody and may face charges.
Screen capture via Instagram/@_nellmay

A man working concessions at Comerica Park for the Detroit Tigers has reportedly been arrested for spitting on food during Friday night's game against the Kansas City Royals. Another concessions worker, Quinell May, filmed his coworker spitting on pizza crust before covering it in sauce because the unnamed (former) employee told him he was going to do it, and May wanted to document it to show management. You have now been provided sufficient time to make a decision on whether you want to watch the following video which, again, shows a man spitting on strangers' food, which is very disgusting.



Here we go.


May told WXYZ in Detroit that his coworker was "mad and having a bad day," and also claimed that this was not the first time he'd done it. May also claims he was let go for publishing this, but Detroit Sportservice, which runs concessions at Comerica Park, says he was only suspended for the weekend, for an unrelated uniform violation which happened before they learned of the spitting incident. Obviously the spitter actually has been fired, and was arrested Sunday, and apparently remains in police custody.

"As soon as we became aware through social media of potential food tampering, we immediately closed that food stand, disposed of all the product and contacted the Detroit Police Department. We have been told by police that the worker has been arrested and is in custody, pending charges," Detroit Sportservice wrote.

The Detroit Police Department confirmed that the man in question was arrested on Sunday for health and safety violations and tampering with food.

A decision on the charges is expected by Tuesday (which seems like a long time to process someone for spitting on food?).

What a nightmare, though. To be minding your business, enjoying your $25, glorified Ellio's pizza, totally unaware that someone else's phlegm is going along for the ride. This is why hot dogs remain the perfect ballgame food item: we've already accepted that they are a hideous, yet delicious treat. Anything you put on the outside of a dog, can't be any worse than what's already inside.