Does...Does Tristan Thompson Think LeBron is Still on the Cavs?

Thompson said the East still goes through Cleveland because they are the four-time conference champions. Who wants to tell him?
September 27, 2018, 8:37pm
Screen capture via Twitter/@BenAxelrod 

There's nothing quite like off-season NBA shit talk. It's kind of nice how the season coincides with the school year, because it seems people have spent all summer practicing their jabs for when they get back on the playground. Tristan Thompson, though, might need to hone his a bit before stepping on the court.

Thompson took the time during a practice interview to go after the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and uh, just listen:

You know what? Last year, he might have been right to do so. Despite finishing 4th in the East, the Cavs clawed their way up to their inevitable defeat to the Warriors, finishing off the Celtics in an exciting 7-game series.

But there was just one slight difference from last semester to this semester: LeBron James.


Yeah, Tristan might be able to look up at the banner from the 2017-18 season, but that's just about all he has to hold on to, since King James headed to Los Angeles in his free agency. So who is Thompson left with on the Cavs to defend the Eastern Conference title? Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, and what? Collin Sexton? Kyle Korver? Best not to taunt your opponents when you're licking your wounds, bruh.

And if you thought the East would let that slide, you've got another thing coming. The Celtics, who still have former Cav Kyrie Irving, smelled LeBron leaving Cleveland like a drop of blood in the water. Celtics forward Marcus Morris wasn't going to let that slide:

Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons went for a more minimalist approach:

Screen capture via @AlexKennedyNBA

Also, it was apparently a rough day for Thompson all around. The trailer for Keeping Up With the Kardashians got dropped today, and the mother of his child—and her family—didn't hold much back about Thompson's cheating scandal.

Vapid heiresses aside, I'm just excited to see how the Raptors clap back.