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Ballroom Star Precious Ebony on Living with PTSD and Choosing Your Family

In this week's episode of "My House," the legendary ballroom MC travels to Michigan to compete in the Detroit Awards Ball and spend some quality time with a mentor.

In this week’s brand new episode of My House, we travel with Precious Ebony to Michigan for The Detroit Awards Ball. Having solidified their name in the New York City ballroom scene, Precious travels across the country as an MC and connects with the family she's chosen in the absence of one she was born into.

Precious opens up about how their car was shot at several times, and the PTSD they suffer from as a result: "I could be in my car and I just have to pull over and just cry, because I feel like the car behind me has been following me for too long." Precious details their constant struggle with mortality, saying, "Death is always on my mind."

Precious connects with Markis, a parental figure who they call their "gay father," during their visit to Detroit. Wanting to feel equipped to protect and defend themselves, the two travel to a local gun range for an afternoon of bonding and letting off some steam.

Catch Precious in tonight’s new episode of My House, at 10:30 PM EST on VICELAND.