Make Your Home Spa Day More Luxurious with This DIY Trick

Indulging your senses is the key to relaxing.
June 1, 2018, 2:24pm

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There's nothing quite like a day at a fancy spa where you soak in a hot tub, enjoy a facial or massage, then wrap yourself in a sumptuous robe. But what about those days when you want a little pampering without paying hundreds of dollars to unwind?

Try DIYing your own spa day at home by doing things like setting the scene with nice candles, giving your skin a treat with a homemade body scrub and slipping into a nice, silky robe once you're done. In the third episode of Bougie Budget, "Feeling Bougie," host Monique Moses shows you how to use the satin stitching technique to monogram your initials on a faux silk robe.