Libra, June 2018
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Libra, June 2018

Gemini season is here!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Gemini season is one of your favorite times of year, Libra. The Sun illuminates the romance and creativity sector of your chart during this period, finding you attending celebrations, flirting with everyone (your most beloved pastime), and being presented with plenty of opportunities to show off your talents. The first weekend of June will be especially exciting: Communication planet Mercury connects with action planet Mars on June 1, creating a whirlwind of busy, social energy around you. A fantastic invitation or opportunity is sure to come your way!


Also on June 1, your ruling planet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter, and on June 2, Venus connects with Neptune. These combinations will bode especially well for your finances, but on an emotional level, you’re going to feel like you’re making moves and taking care of business, and your self-esteem will be boosted.

Things will get intense soon after this easy weekend: Venus opposes Pluto on June 5, stirring up overwhelming emotions and finding your foundations being shaken up. Watch out for power-hungry, jealous, obsessive, or controlling energy—in others and in yourself. If someone is behaving inappropriately with you, bring in a third party to help mediate. Don’t try to reason with a bully on your own. If someone is playing mind games with you, it’s just that to them: a game. Using logic, my dear air sign friend, isn’t going to help. Exit the situation or bring in qualified reinforcements.

With that said, if everyone is well behaved, kind, and can follow the rules, this intense planetary combination could make for some very passionate and kinky sex. Just make sure it’s with someone you can communicate well with, because Mercury will square off with Neptune on June 6, followed by the Sun doing on the same on June 7—which, worst case scenario, could mean paranoia and misunderstandings. There will also be a lazy energy in the air.

The best way to work with this vibe is to engage in some kind of spiritual practice and to make some art. This is not a fab time to binge-watch horror or anything conspiracy related, unless you’re looking to freak yourself out really badly. Reading about philosophy, psychology, spirituality, or anything else you find inspiring will lead to beautiful breakthroughs around how you think about and live in the world.


Your ruling planet Venus enters glamorous Leo on June 13, bringing a big boost to your social life—as usual, expect to be very popular, Libra!

Mercury enters water sign Cancer on June 12, creating plenty of conversation around your reputation, your life in public, and your career. Busy, chatty Mercury in Cancer will find you connecting with successful people and authority figures—this will be a great time to connect with a mentor and to communicate about your goals.

Plenty of new opportunities will come your way with the new moon in Gemini on June 13, especially around travel, higher education, or publishing. Your ruling planet Venus enters glamorous Leo on the same day, bringing a big boost to your social life—as usual, expect to be very popular, Libra! As romantic as you are, while Venus in Leo, you may find yourself focusing on the value your friendships bring to your life as much or more than the romantic relationships you adore so much.

Sweet Venus squares off with electric Uranus on June 14, bringing some surprises, and likely finding you connecting deeply with someone unexpected. Your tastes are evolving! Just watch out for difficulties around communication on June 15, when Mercury opposes Saturn. This won’t be a great time for a date or a business meeting; the mood will be grouchy and not very open-minded or relaxed. Better energy will flow around communication on June 19, when Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter, and on June 20, when Mercury connects with creative Neptune. Sure, you’ll have to watch out for exaggerations (or, really, straight-up bullshit or even delusion) at this time, but at least people will be optimistic and trying to work together!


The Sun enters Cancer on June 21—the summer equinox—brightly illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your public life, your career, and your reputation. This is a fantastic time for professional networking. You’ll see all the hard work you’ve put into learning your craft manifest into some success; a reward may be on the way! The energy will be competitive on June 21, when Venus opposes Mars, but this could also make for some very hot interactions between yourself and a crush, plus excitement in your social life. On June 24, Venus will square off with Jupiter, so watch out for overindulging, but expect to have an over-the-top, fun time. Plan a party, but also plan not to get any work done—you’re going to be lazy as fuck.

Perhaps the biggest news of the month is that Mars will go retrograde in Aquarius on June 26, which will activate the romance and creativity section of your chart. What will it mean to have penetrative Mars go limp around your love life and artistic pursuits? Well, this doesn’t have to be a time of withdrawal for you, though it may very well be if what you need right now is time to slow down and recharge instead of going on date after date, or hammering out creative work without rest.

This will be a time to reflect on themes around competitiveness and teamwork. Are the efforts you put into things matched by others? Or do you find yourself often at odds with the very people meant to be on your team? Later this summer, you will begin to focus more on your boundaries and how they impact your relationships, as well as how your living situation or your deep past affects how you have fun, play, connect, flirt, and create. These are big themes, but you won’t have to work them out in one day—Mars ends its retrograde on August 27.

There’s a full moon in Capricorn on June 28. Full moons are usually tear-jerkers, but will one in emotionally cool Capricorn still find us weepy? Of course! The hedonistic, workaholic sea goat of the zodiac might have a very cold vibe; however, that doesn’t mean Capricorn doesn’t know emotional pain. Capricorn knows plenty about suffering, hardship, and most of all, overcoming. This full moon will ask you if you have systems in place—emotional boundaries, a safe and supportive home life—to help you overcome whatever may come your way.

On a more mundane level, issues concerning your home and family will come to a climax, and you may find yourself aching for some private time after spending so much time at work or socializing. The month wraps up with Mercury entering Leo on June 29, so it’s unlikely you’ll spend too much time alone, as many invitations to connect with friends or to join a group or organization will come your way.

Good luck, Libra, and see you in July!