Parliament's First New Song In 38 Years Has a Psychedelic Video

Grab the shrooms and the pills.... "I'm Gon' Make You Sick O' Me," released in January, now has some visuals to match its trippy energy.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
May 9, 2018, 11:00am

How're you feeling today? Wednesday. Six separate "Happy hump day" emails in your inbox. A little bored? A little listless? Here's something that will almost certainly perk you up: back in January, George Clinton's legendary funk group Parliament released their first new song in 38 years. In case you missed it, "I'm Gon' Make You Sick O' Me" is as energetic and infectious as you'd expect from Clinton and co., and its accompanying video, out Tuesday, matches its tripped-out mood.


Featuring Clinton as a patient and Scarface as his doctor, the hospital scenes are interspersed with fuzzily shot, technicolour full band scenes befitting the song's huge production. There's also some extra footage of Clinton performing in front of a car in frankly the sickest hat you've ever seen. As Rolling Stone reports, "I'm Gon' Make You Sick O' Me" is due to feature on Parliament's upcoming record Medicaid Fraud Dog (though release details have not yet been announced), the long-awaited follow up to their 1980 album Trombipulation. For now, however, watch "I'm Gon' Make You Sick O' Me" above and trip the hell out.

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