Watch the emotional reunion between an immigrant mom and her 7-year-old son

The Guatemalan mother sued the Trump administration after she was separated from her child at the border.
June 22, 2018, 4:25pm

At least one family separated by the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy at the border has been reunited, and the emotional reunion between mother and son was caught on camera.

Beata Mariana de Jesus Mejia-Mejia and her 7-year-old son Darwin Micheal Mejia were separated at the southern U.S. border in May, according to ABC News. The mother sued the U.S. government and the two were reunited Friday at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. She has filed for political asylum in the U.S. following a trek from Guatemala.


The Trump administration’s policy of forcibly separating families at the border and then detaining children was implemented by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April and has since resulted in more than 2,300 children being placed in homes and shelters across the U.S.

The policy triggered widespread outrage from both Democrats and Republicans. Donald Trump repeatedly tried to blame the policy on Democrats — even though his administration implemented it — and incorrectly referred to it as a “law.”

As controversy over the policy grew, Trump eventually signed an executive order on Wednesday to ensure that families would not be separated at the border. Trump’s order essentially orders that families be detained together while the parent’s criminal case is adjudicated.

Cover image: Beata Mariana de Jesus Mejia-Mejia, left, embraces her son Darwin Micheal Mejia as she speaks at a news conference following their reunion at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Friday, June 22, 2018, in Linthicum, Md. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)