I Am Floating and I Am Listening to Ben Khan's New Track "ruby"

How does this song feel? Like sailing into the wind on a magic carpet made from dreams.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

You're in a fantasy world; in a cityscape high up in the air. In a place where the lights are coloured the same as a video game arcade and the senses are mildly blurred. But you're calm: you're floating, your insides are made of something that feels like Valium. For now, nothing matters – all there is to do is look down at the world below. This is an abstract scene, yes, but it's also the one I get from Ben Khan's "ruby," the latest track to be taken from the once-elusive UK artist's long-awaited debut album.


Released on 10 August, the self-titled debut features production work from Flood, who you might know if you know all the big names (which you do, because you're reading Noisey, but in case you don't, they are: PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails). "ruby" is the fourth track to be taken from Khan's debut record, and is an album that's been on the way for a while. If you want to hear about where he's been, head here to read our exclusive interview.

And as to what to expect from Ben Khan as a whole? “I think the point of an artist is to show people a different side of things, to take different perceptions of life and present them back to you," explains Ben. "Hopefully, this album will take you out of your reality for a bit and take it to the start of a fantasy place.”

Boom. Here's the full tracklist, too:

  • 2000 angels
  • do it right
  • monsoon daydream
  • ruby
  • a.t.w (against the wall)
  • fool for you
  • the green
  • soul into the sun
  • our father
  • love faded
  • dntwanturluv…
  • merchant prince
  • ruby1strecording
  • waterfall
  • warriors rose

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