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Snoop Dogg Making The World’s Biggest Gin and Juice Is What We Need Right Now

Long live this trash drink.
Screengrabs via Instragram. 

Years ago, I was shamed out of drinking gin and juice when I realized it wasn’t as classy as I thought it was, though the fact that I used to chug it straight from a mix I poured into a Tropicana jug probably didn’t help.

Nonetheless, this poor man’s mimosa remains dear to my heart, if only for nostalgia’s sake. And I see I’m not alone in that. A quarter of a century after he made gin and juice famous on Doggystyle, the world’s chillest grandpa, Snoop Dogg, is breathing new relevance into his highball of choice.


Snoop set a Guinness record for pouring the world’s largest “paradise cocktail” —a big ass gin and juice—at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival over the weekend.

A delightful video, which I’ve already viewed six times, shows Snoop, Warren G, and Top Chef Michael Voltaggio pouring bottles of Hendricks gin into a tub of juice sitting in a “glass” that’s five-feet-tall and three-feet-wide. The finished product was a total of 550 litres, and consisted of 180 bottles of gin, according to Mercury News. My favourite bit is when Snoop struggles to stir it up with a straw that looks like a red stripper pole. He really puts his whole body into it.

The event was sponsored by the world’s most pretentious brand, Williams Sonoma, so maybe gin and juice has finally classed itself up after all.

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