I'm Just a Demon Girl Who's (Really) Behind on Her Rent

Click your way through the trials of making rent on time.
Demon Girl Game_Title Screen
Image courtesy of chainedTan

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I am, what you could call, a fool. chainedTan’s Demon Girl Game had been sitting in my “To Play” itch.io collection for…a couple weeks now? And now, after spending my entire lunch break with it, I’m kicking myself for not playing it sooner.

In case you haven’t guessed it from the title, you play as a demon girl. At the start of the game, you get a letter from your “patron” stating you are four months late (!!!) on rent, and that from now on, you must pay 300 Kitten Tokens at the end of each month in order to keep your house.

Demon Girl Game_Screencap 1

To do this, you can go hunting, which gives you monster meat, which you can then sell at work, which earns you the Kitten Tokens you so desperately need. Usually, going to hunt or work means a pretty normal day of slaying monsters and selling meat. But, as is true in normal life, sometimes…shit happens. Instead of the typical day you were expecting, you may end up triggering a special event instead—which could mean accelerating your way to financial security, or could temporarily hinder it. Sometimes, it’s little bit of both.

If you begin to feel like you’ve accumulated nothing but rotten luck, you may have just gone too long without taking a rest. However, not even sleep is immune to the anxieties of productivity. One time, when I opted to rest for the night instead of working, I ended up sleepwalking and working anyway. The good news is: I still woke up somewhat rested and with a few extra Kitten Tokens for the day.

I managed to scrape up enough Kitten Tokens to make it through my first month. Along the way, I had all sorts of random encounters (some of which actually branched from earlier events)—and even if it ended up with me losing a day of potential earnings, I couldn’t help but be charmed by the game’s effortlessly comedic writing. Featuring a monochromatic, one-bit art style and lo-fi chiptunes that you’ll want to relax and study to, Demon Girl Game strikes the perfect balance of being a chill yet engaging way to spend time, and I can’t wait to see what the next month of making rent has in store for me.

Demon Girl Game_Screencap 2

Demon Girl Game is free to download for Windows on itch.io.

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