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Some Genius Matched Up MLBers to Pokémon Based on their Hairstyles

A Twitter user matched up Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Yasiel Puig among others, to Pokémon with similar haircuts.
MLB free agent Bartolo Colon pitching for the Texas Rangers.
Photo by CJ Gunther—EPA-EFE/Pokéball via Wikimedia Commons 

Sometimes genius just strikes you like a thunderbolt from a Voltorb. In this particular instance of pure brilliance, Twitter user and Emory Rollins School of Public Health student Shanna Shi decided to match up Major League Baseball players with a corresponding Pokémon based on similar hairstyles, and good goddamn did she nail it.

Here is the tweet that launched 1,000 Shellders:

Shi didn't just make a few comparisons, she churned out what is a 30-plus-thread of MLB players to Pokemon. That's an entire team's active roster, plus five extra—just in case of emergency—and Shi touched on everyone from Yasiel Puig to R.A. Dickey.


Not to mention this pretty good dig at Justin Verlander:

Here's the first one from the thread—and maybe the initial inspiration?

Well, thankfully her work didn't go unnoticed because now it seems like Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle knows what his true spirit animal (pocket monster?) is:

The man even claims he's getting a tattoo of it:

You know you've made it to The Show when an MLB player gets your idea inked on them.

She says that's all she's doing for now, but please, God: There are 807 Pokémon out there so Shi could cover every Major League team's active roster.

Got to catch(er) them all?