It's Tuesday, February 19, and This Restaurant Will Serve Only Airline Food

Plus, cleaning out your old Tupperware collection could spark joy—and cash.
February 19, 2019, 5:34pm
Airplane food

W__elcome to Off-Menu, where we'll be rounding up all the food news and food-adjacent internet ephemera that delighted, fascinated, or infuriated us this morning.


  • I like eating on airplanes. I like to not bring my own food specifically for the sake of experiencing the total lack of agency involved in being handed a hot, shrink-wrapped plastic platter, and then consuming whatever is inside, down to the miniaturized version of some overly elaborate dessert. There's an existential appeal: Flying is bonkers and I want the full sensory experience of it, including tasting the honestly-not-that-bad airline food. I do not, however, want to eat airplane food while firmly on the ground. I believe this to be a popular sentiment, which is a pretty big flaw in AirAsia's plan to launch a fast food restaurant that serves their inflight food to people who have plenty of other better options available to them.
  • The inaugural World Restaurant Awards in Paris named the two-year-old, 20-seat Wolfgat in South Africa the best restaurant in the world. Chef Kobus van der Merwe forages for fresh ingredients daily and also makes his own bread and butter in-house. The seven-course tasting menu costs $60 US—which is a steal if you happen to already be on the relatively remote Atlantic coast of the Wester Cape of South Africa.
  • A new study disrupts the established belief that access to meat through the development of crude knives spurred a jump in human evolution three million years ago. Researchers from Yale, the University of Chicago, University of Oxford and Arizona State University instead posit that those early hominids were more interested in the fat from bone marrow than the fleshy meat. Who among us?
  • New Jersey doesn't need your chain situation, Metro Diner. We have our own, local 24-hour spots where we ate French fries and omelettes and ogled the spinning case of cakes after high school dances. Cheers to you, Crystal Lake Diner, my ride or die.

Not News

Apparently, vintage Tupperware is something of a collectors item and you can sell yours on eBay or Etsy for as much as ten times what it cost originally. Which is useful information that will benefit people who, entirely unlike me, are able to keep track of Tupperware—and the corresponding lids—for longer than six months.

Something NOT Nice

Obviously this is horrifying, but imagine if it were all normal mac and cheese colored: Not much better, right?

(Where Can I) Buy This Jersey?

The O'Higgins Chilean soccer team debuted new uniforms as the season got off to a start this past weekend. Their delightfully pink jerseys reflect a sponsorship deal with McDonald's with a sort of tramp stamp-area image of French fries and numbers that appear to be made of fries dipped in ketchup! It wouldn't really make any sense out of context, but hell yes I would wear the crap out of a personalized one of these.