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Doug Ford's Influencer Daughter Promoted Illegal Cannabis Oil on Instagram

It seems Kyla Ford did not listen to her father's public warnings about the sale and promotion of illegal drugs.
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Photos via Instagram et BodhiNaturals

Since legalization last October, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has put a number of laws involving cannabis, the most notable being the limitation of weed sales to an online store run by the government. A lottery took place earlier this month, and gave the right to 25 private companies to have shops with storefront starting next April.

The Ontario premier has been clear on one thing: all illegal vendors and unauthorized stores will be severely punished, with fines ranging from $ 100,000 to $ 500,000.


But it seems that his own daughter didn't hear her father's warnings and may have run afoul of the cannabis laws involving promotion. Kyla Ford, the youngest daughter of Doug and Karla Ford, is an influencer and fitness trainer with close to a hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

As first reported by HuffPost Canada , about a month ago she began posting sponsored content from a company called Bodhi Naturals, which, according to its website, offers hemp-based wellness products.

In a now-deleted post that appeared on Sunday, you could see the premier's daughter consume drops of CBD oil. "So many amazing health benefits of taking hemp infused CBD oil," read the caption. "One of my favourite supplements that I take right now … and something I highly recommend for everyone!!" Her account was temporarily deactivated, but is now active again, sans the posts sponsored by Bodhi Naturals.

If this type of post may seem perfectly normal, it's worth noting the product that Kyla Ford is promoting is currently illegal to sell. Bodhi Naturals is not a licensed producer of Health Canada, and the company is not permitted to sell or distribute its products in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada.

In the Cannabis Act it is forbidden to promote products derived from cannabis ''that associates the cannabis or one of its brand elements with, or evokes a positive or negative emotion about or image of, a way of life such as one that includes glamour, recreation [or] vitality''.

Doug Ford has insisted that illegal vendors must be stopped at all costs. However, we're still not totally sure about his position on the promotion of illegal products when his own family is involved.

We wonder where she could have learned such a thing.

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This article originally appeared on VICE Québec.