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C. Tangana and MC Bin Laden Look for Love in "Pa llamar tu atención"

Watch the new video from the Spanish rapper and one of the biggest names in Brazilian carioca funk.

A version of this article originally appeared on Noisey en Español.

Everyone has a tendency to lose it when they’re trying to get their crush’s attention. Whether that means commenting with a bunch of heart emojis on old Instagram photos or dropping hints on Twitter, or randomly stopping by bar where you crush just so happens to hangout often (you know, pure coincidence), love is a real head scratcher.

And that’s precisely what “Pa llamar tu atención (“To Get Your Attention”) by C. Tangana—one of the most important figures in contemporary Spanish rap—and MC Bin Laden—a mainstay of Brazilian carioca funk—is all about. Tangana says the song “came to mind because of the way a girl tried to get my attention at a time when I wasn’t interested. I started thinking about what I could do to get the attention of a girl I was really into.”

In the video, Tangana and Bin Laden rap about deleting their Instagram accounts, escaping prison, leaving the party, and even jumping out of an airplane, all against the backdrop of Latin percussion and a minimalist but powerful piano and woodwind melody. Tangana’s producer Alizzz effectively deconstructs carioca funk into something tropical and seductive that easily gets stuck in your head. Dutch director Jeroen Dankers documents the meeting of the two artists in Lisbon as they travel the suburbs in search of a little hedonism, which at times includes the flirtations of a dancing woman who has enchanted them both.