Fridays For Future April 2019 London climtae protest
All photos: Chris Bethell
Save Yourselves

We Were at the Big, April Youth Strike for Climate in London

One protester was taken into a police van on yet another day when young people showed they're really not keen on the destruction of planet earth.
April 12, 2019, 2:20pm

Students across the country took to the streets again on Friday to protest against climate change. The protests follow similar demonstrations in February and March, where students skipped school having worked out that nobody will care how many A-levels you have when you’re scavenging for the means of survival on a dead planet. Today many of them will have been on holiday, so all the more reason to get out there.


The 15th of March was a global strike that saw tens of thousands young people protest internationally. The series of protests were inspired by Swedish student Greta Thunberg, who started her own school strike in August.

On Friday there were demos in 60 locations across the UK. We sent VICE photographer Chris Bethell down to check out the action in London, where students and young people blocked Oxford circus, holding up traffic for about an hour before heading down to Trafalgar Square. One protester was reportedly taken into a police for refusing to move from the middle of the road. More power to them. See the rest of Chris' photos below.



This article originally appeared on VICE UK.