Big Boi Gave His OutKast Hits a Funk Remix for His Tiny Desk Concert

The Atlanta rapper was joined by Sleepy Brown some pretty incredible trumpets to recreate "So Fresh, So Clean," and "The Way You Move."
Queens, US
Screenshot from NPR's Tiny Desk Concert

OutKast might not be the headliner for the next Super Bowl half-time show,as much as some fans wanted to speak that into existence. Big Boi brought a nine-piece band, including vocals from Organized Noize's Sleepy Brown. The 43-year-old rapper hasn't lost his charisma, as he effortlessly performed Stankonia's "So Fresh, So Clean," Boomiverses's "All Night," and Speakerboxx's "The Way You Move." The 12-minute performance is a reminder of his varied contributions to Atlanta's soundscape since the early 90s, which makes news of OutKast's snub in their first year of eligibility for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame even more egregious. The Atlanta native cracks jokes between songs making note that, "This tiny desk needs a tiny fan." But, uh, Big Boi, we did the research. The desk isn't tiny, so a normal size fan will do just fine. It'll keep you cooler anyway.


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