Red Sox Troll Yankees by Playing 'New York, New York' in Locker Room

The Red Sox made their way to the ALCS in the pettiest fashion.
Photo by Justin Lane—EPA

Last night, the Red Sox furnished a custom nail to hammer into the Yankees coffin to reach the ALCS, but they made sure to throw in a little salt after burying them. Days after Aaron Judge left Fenway Park blasting Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York"—after what would wind up being the only Yankees win of the series—the Boston Red Sox did him one better: they played the longtime Yankee Stadium tradition in the visiting clubhouse as they celebrated their clinching Game 4 win.


The game wasn't quite the 16-1 blowout that happened on Monday, with the Yankees mounting a bases-loaded, 9th inning standoff against Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel last night. Kimbrel nearly shat the tidy bed that Rick Porcello made by holding the Yankees to one run in his five innings on the mound. But after the Yankees scored two runs in the ninth on a hit by pitch and Gary Sanchez sacrifice fly, a tight play at first secured the third out, and the Red Sox were on their way to a league championship series.

It's bad enough that you've got to see your bitter rival celebrate on your own field and inside your own stadium, but to also rock out to the song that is played after every Yankees home win? That's some stone-cold trolling.

Pettiness, truly, is in the details.