Grab the Black Eyeliner, The Cure's Robert Smith is Curating Meltdown 2018

Middle aged Goth Christmas came early!
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
February 6, 2018, 10:54am

Another year, another stellar curator for London's annual Meltdown Festival at the Southbank Centre. 2018 marks the event's 25th anniversary and will see world famous goth and Cure frontman Robert Smith taking the helm and selecting the ten night programme from among his personal favorites. Your one uncle who used to wear black lipstick and New Rocks in what he calls his "heyday" is reported to be delighted.


Smith discussed his delight at being appointed in the footsteps of others like Yoko Ono, Anonhi, and Patti Smith in a statement:

I am honored and excited to be curating the 25th Meltdown. More than 30 of my all-time favourite artists – some of the most exciting, inspirational, intense and influential performers of the last 40 years – will make sure this 10-night extravaganza is the must-see event of the summer!

Per The Guardian, the first names from his lineup will be announced in March, though if you think it's going to be anything other than Goth motherfuckin' Central you are sorely mistaken. Personally I'm tipping Nine Inch Nails for at least three different headlining slots, and if there's no Siouxsie Sioux appearance then what is even the point? Middle class, middle aged goths, rise up: your time is now.

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