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Kojey Radical Opens His Wounds on New Track "If Only"

The east London rapper tackles his experience of depression with the fearlessness he's always shown.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image via PR

East London's Kojey Radical is always pushing boundaries, whether they be emotional, aesthetic, or both. This has earned him a reputation as one of UK rap's most fearless voices, as well as one of its most imaginative artists. Today, he's back with a new track "If Only," which is his first new material of the year, with more on the way.

Describing "If Only," which touches on themes of depression and managing to create through it, Kojey said in a statement:

Despite how easy it is to keep up appearances, I struggled with depression heavily last year. I came out the other side more hungry and more passionate because the ability to create and express myself literally saved my life. This year I want to make the most empowering music about my sadness. I want people to not be afraid to feel. I want people to use my music as a safe place and feel energised. Sometimes being able to speak up can make all the difference.

The track sees Kojey changing up his flow on a fairly relaxed beat, and while the track's message of openness, and the empowerment to be found in being honest shines through, it's also made accessible with a catchy earworm of a hook. If more of the same is what we have to look forward to, 2018 is going to be a good year for Kojey Radical.

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